Preparing People for Eternity
 Jeff Struecker  leads the Unbeatable Army.  He’s a decorated soldier who enlisted in the United States Army at age 18 and retired with almost 23 years of active federal service. in 2017, he was inducted into the US Army Ranger Hall of Fame.

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The Road to Unafraid

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The most important minute of a gunfight is what you do right after you get shot. Tomorrow, rather than trying to avoid hardships, focus on what you can learn from them and how they can make you unbeatable in the future

Taking over the next level in combat, you can train for your next promotion. It doesn’t take a supervisor long to notice that you already display the qualities and skills necessary to lead at the next level of your career.

There was nothing pleasant about the fog and frustration of burnout.  It taught me 5 lessons I hope you can learn without going through burnout.

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