You’re not unbeatable until you fix this!

Brad Nelson is unbeatable. This is a massive statement for a guy whose daughter was born with a brain injury that would affect her for the rest of her life.  His daughter’s health was a severe punch in the gut.  However, the next blow that would knock him to his knees is his wife’s mental health struggles, ultimately leading to her taking her own life.

Brad has had more than his share of hard knocks in life. However, being unbeatable doesn’t suggest that you’ll never get knocked down by circumstances in life.  To truly be unbeatable, no matter how often life deals devastating events, you continue to get up and face those difficulties with courage and resolve.

Brad demonstrated that he was unbeatable by facing multiple life-altering challenges without giving up. And he also had an ace up his sleeve. Brad had prepared himself for the worst-case scenario before these situations happened, and he now spends the rest of his time preparing others to be ready for life’s greatest difficulties.

He launched a successful podcast and business helping people get out of debt and get financially prepared for life’s challenges.

In my recent interview with Brad, I shared how challenging my marriage was early on because of the financial difficulties my wife and I brought into our relationship. I’m convinced you can only be unbeatable once you fix your finances!

That’s why I challenged everyone during Brad’s Unbeatable interview to go through his or a similar personal finance program.  I’m not trying to sell someone a product or a program… I’ve just seen the difference that being financially free makes when life deals you with a devastating body blow.

Get ready during the good times

Achieving financial freedom and living a stress-free life by becoming debt-free is not an impossible feat. You can make it happen by dedicating yourself to a solid plan. It’s too late to prepare for a disaster when you’re in the middle of it. 

The only way to prepare for any disaster- including a financial catastrophe- is during the easy times. (I realize that times might not be easy for you right now, but don’t wait any longer.  It might get much worse in the future.)

The first step to achieving this goal is getting honest about your financial situation. Take a hard look at your income, expenses, and debts, and list all your debts. This will give you a clear picture of where your money is going.  You can’t get to step 2 until you know where your money is going.

The most hated word in the English language

I know you don’t want to hear this word- but you can’t become financially unbeatable without a budget! This second step might be the most important.  You can create a budget by listing your income and expenses in just a few minutes. 

Learn not to hate the word budget.  It is just a plan for your money.  I don’t know anyone who has successfully paid off their debts, become financially free, and didn’t have a budget.

This is when it starts to get fun

Now that you have a budget, you can move on to step 3… paying off your debt.  This step can be daunting, whether your debt is small or massive. However, a couple of tried and true methods can make this much more manageable.

One method is the debt snowball method. This involves paying off debts from smallest to largest, regardless of interest rates, to build momentum and stay motivated. It starts to get fun when you see real success in reducing debt.  After you’ve paid off a small debt, take all of that income and combine it with any other extra income that you have to start paying on a larger debt. 

When your hard work starts to pay you back

People have used this tried-and-true debt snowball technique to pay off many maxed-out credit cards and even their home mortgages!  It doesn’t matter which method you choose to become financially free. What matters is that you get serious about getting out from underneath the pressure and stress of debt.

Brad would not have been able to care for his family after his wife’s passing unless he was financially free of debt. Becoming debt-free requires hard work and determination, but it is worth it. You can achieve financial freedom and live without debt stress by doing the hard work. 

I hope this article has challenged you to do the hard work of defeating debt. Since none of us knows what challenging circumstances are waiting for us in the future, you must fix your finances if you want to be unbeatable. 

Listen to my interview with Brad Nelson, The Debt-Free Dad, here

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