Your most powerful weapon in a gunfight

Alex Chandler picked himself up off the ground after being wounded and ran toward a suspect who had just killed his partner in a deadly gunfight. Any rational person would seek their own protection and wait for medical care after being wounded by this assailant. However, Alex is a dedicated SWAT officer who swore an oath to protect his community. 

His commitment to service was tested as he watched other officers and civilians being gunned down. 

Alex was forced to make a decision that few people will ever have to make during that gunfight.  He had to choose between his life and protecting his community and fellow officers involved in this incident.  This choice required Alex to draw his most powerful weapon in a gunfight.

When your word becomes deadly

Alex swore an oath to protect and serve his community. He has also committed to his brothers and sisters who wear the badge. It’s easy to give your word or to make a commitment. Sometimes it isn’t easy to keep your end of the promise.

However, on the night of 30 November 2021, honoring his oath to his community and friends became a life-threatening challenge for Alex.

SWAT officers have “special weapons and tactics” that they bring to a gunfight.  However, the equipment and training of these incredible law enforcement professionals don’t make them invincible in a gunfight.  Every law enforcement officer knows this might be his or her last night when engaging a suspect. 

Only the oath to protect their community and serve others in danger drives an officer like Alex to respond to the call for help despite the fear for his safety.

These moments reveal your character

When life gets difficult, fear will make you compromise your convictions or break your commitments.  We all look good on the easy days in life.  However, when life gets complicated, and the choices facing you are scary, that reveals a person’s true character. 

When faced with a decision, ask yourself: Am I acting out of fear or commitment? Choose wisely.

Don’t allow fear to hinder your progress toward accomplishing your objectives. Embrace your dedication, and bravely take on the challenge at hand! You need this mindset to achieve success – Choose between fear and commitment. Consider whether you are acting out of fear or loyalty when faced with a decision. Let your responsibility to honor your word become a fire that hardens you in the face of fear.

Why this weapon wins

Hate is the root cause of every gunfight.  Rather than looking for a bigger gun than the other guy, try bringing a weapon to the fight that is stronger than hate. Take if from a guy that has been in more than a few gunfights…Love is the strongest weapon in any fight. 

It may feel like hate grows louder around you daily, and love grows weaker.  Hate may have a loud voice, but love is always the strongest voice in the end. Choose to let love guide you through tough times. Love is always more powerful than hate.  Only love will help you overcome difficult or scary situations.

When everything in life seems chaotic, love can be your anchor. Embrace it, and let it guide you toward a brighter future.  Alex Chandler learned the power of love in the middle of a gunfight.  This powerful weapon saved the lives of others caught in the crossfire. 

Learn from Alex’s example. Love is your most powerful weapon, no matter the challenge. Lead with love, and others will follow.  

Listen to my whole conversation with Alex HERE.

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