Why the little tasks are always the hardest… and most important

Jodi Izzo is a big deal in a small package!  You’ve probably heard the saying, “Big things come in small packages.” This is particularly true when consistently doing the little things well. It’s easy to lose sight of the small details when you focus on the big picture, but the small details make all the difference.

If there’s such a thing as a fairytale marriage and family, Jodi Izzo had the kind of relationship that some couples can only dream about.  But, this all came crashing in around her when she arrived at the emergency room at the same time as her husband, who had just been involved in a terrible motorcycle accident. 

Her fairy tale marriage became a tragedy in seconds when she learned that her husband, Roman, would never fully recover from this accident.  Jodi would spend almost every minute caring for her husband for the next 5 ½ years before he eventually died from the head trauma he sustained in this accident.

Doing the little things well requires showing up when you don’t want to

Jodi has accomplished more than a few amazing feats in her life.  However, in my opinion, none were more significant than how she bathed Roman daily, brushed his teeth, and cared for him until he took his final breath.

Prepare for success tomorrow by consistently doing the little things well today.

It’s the small habits that you develop that can have the biggest impact on your life. A simple morning routine of caring for your body and soul can significantly impact the rest of your day.  This routine, done over months or years, can change your health and heart for a lifetime.

It’s a small victory that motivates you to tackle more significant tasks.

The little things accumulate to greatness over time

The small details in life may seem insignificant, but they can significantly impact your life. Jodi’s daily habits and lifestyle completely changed after Roman’s accident.  Remember, small wins lead to big victories.

Focusing on the small things sets you up for success in the bigger tasks of life.

Jodi eventually had to care for Roman like an infant. As a mother of four children, she knew what this daily dependency on her would require. Although Jodi lived out this principle in the home, it equally applies in the workplace. Consistently doing the little things well helps build trust and credibility. When you arrive to work on time, follow through on your commitments, and pay attention to the details, you demonstrate that you are worthy of trust in the bigger tasks at work.

These small actions establish the foundation of confidence in your personal and professional relationships.

The payoff for doing the small things well

Success is not just about accomplishing a few big tasks; it’s also about consistently doing the little things well. Most people buckle down and focus on life’s significant challenges but tend to get sloppy on the less critical tasks.

Consistently doing the little things well forces you to avoid mistakes and errors. When you pay attention to the small details, you catch mistakes before they become more significant problems. This focused effort saves you time, money, and stress in the long run.

Consistently giving your best- even to small tasks- starts with developing good habits and routines. Like Jodi, you can begin by setting small goals and concentrating on one practice at a time. Over time, these small habits become ingrained in your daily routine, and you no longer have to think about them.

Big things come in small packages- and the simple things, done well, consistently become a huge accomplishment in life! Doing the little things well may not always be easy, but it’s worth it!

Jodi Izzo is living proof of the principle all warriors know about defeating the enemy… it takes consistent small victories to win a battle.  Win enough battles, and you will win the war every time!

Listen to Jodi’s story in my recent interview with her, and hear how she had the strength to push through each day.

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