Why are you here?

Why are you here? Pretty simple question until you really start to think about it. Why are you here on planet Earth? Chances are, how you answer this question describes your faith more than any other. Either you have the view that you’re here by accident (the result of cosmic chance), or you view your existence as part of a grand design (created for a purpose.)

 Evolution vs. Creation

The purpose of this blog is not to discuss the science behind evolution or creation; rather I want you to think about the implications for those two ideas. Evolution leads you to believe that there is no logical reason for your existence. It’s all a matter of time, conditions, and chance. Which means you have no real reason for being here on Earth.

Creation on the other hand, says that you are not an accident, but that you were placed on earth by God’s grand design. The implications for this idea are huge.

Why? Why would God create humans in the first place? Why did God create you specifically? What does God want from you? The answer to all of those questions are the same… For his glory!

For His Glory

God created a world in order to put his glory on display. God made men and women as the crowning achievement of his creation to put his glory on display. Therefore, God wants you to live a life that brings him glory. This is the reason why you were created.

Now it gets complicated because we tend to live a life that brings glory, fame, and attention to ourselves rather than to Jesus. In order to live this life that glorifies God, you must first have a personal relationship with him through faith in Jesus. In order to live this life that glorifies God, you must also live for his fame and not for your own. In order to live this life that glorifies God, you must live out the words of John the Baptist. When his disciples were offended that Jesus was getting more fame and more recognition than John the Baptist he reminded them in John 3:30 that “He must increase and I must decrease.”

I hope you’re living this same lifestyle. I hope you got out of bed this morning and made it your goal for Jesus to get more credit than you get for you day today. I hope when you go to bed tonight you heard more people talking about Jesus than talking about you.

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