Where to Find Peace

The greatest gift I’ve ever received in my life came when I needed it most. It was the gift of peace. It’s the gift Jesus gives in John 14:27.

The gift of peace

I find it extremely important that Jesus refers to his peace as a “gift”. Of course, a gift is something that you didn’t earn. The very idea of working for a gift is offensive to the gift giver. If I give you a lavish gift and you insist on paying me back for this gift, it’s no longer a gift. You’ve taken from me the joy of giving a gift by turning it into something you’ve earned.

Because peace is the “gift of God”, it’s also something that you don’t deserve. Ever since Adam’s first sin in the Garden of Eden, mankind has been looking for peace. The peace that once existed between God and man is gone as a result of our sin.   In a very real sense, we are all enemies of God because of our sin and therefore can find no real lasting peace. Jesus says, I’m going to give you a “gift”- gift you don’t deserve. I’m going to give you “my peace”. The peace that Jesus had with God because of his perfect relationship with his Father, is now available to you. When you are reconciled to God through the blood of Jesus Christ, you receive the gift of peace.

“My” peace

Jesus also makes it pretty clear in this verse that this peace belongs to him. Meaning, that he is the owner and distributor of this peace. Jesus had perfect peace with God because his relationship with God was perfect. Now Jesus offers a perfect relationship between his followers and his Father.

Jesus’ peace comes at a great cost. Ultimately, it cost him his life to purchase us back from our sin. It cost of Jesus everything, to restore peace between a holy God and sinful mankind. Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection ended the wrath of God and the war within men’s souls.

Fearless men

I believe good men should be courageous men- godly men should be fearless men! When you understand that you have been made right with God, when you understand that there is no longer war between you and a Holy God, when you understand that you have peace with your Creator you should approach life without fear.

The peace that Jesus offers leads to courage and comfort. Jesus says of this peace- don’t be troubled or afraid. By this statement I think he means don’t let anything take away my peace. By the way, if you know you’re right with God who controls the universe nothing on earth should cause you fear!

I found the gift of peace during battle in Somalia- when I needed it most.  Do you have this peace? Can you face today day without fear?   Are you experiencing Jesus’ peace right now? If you’re troubled today I want you to know… Jesus has a gift for you.

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