WARNING- This person will improve your life… or wreck it! 

Jacob Hamilton lost his mother to cancer as a young child.  Although Jake still feels the impact of this awful tragedy, the terrible event has also become an unexpected gift in his life.  When his mother passed, his father took on the role of both parents for Jake and the rest of the family.  

He couldn’t possibly understand, at 14 years old, how much his father’s involvement as a single parent would influence Jake as a parent of young children in the extremely demanding entertainment industry.  

WARNING: Don’t get this choice wrong!  

There are many positive benefits to having a mentor like Jake had with his father.  However, be very cautious with the type of mentor you select. This person can be a good or bad influence in your life.  Great improvement or terrible consequences come every time you allow someone to influence your life significantly. Here are a few ways that a good mentor can have a positive impact on your life. 

Achieve Your Goals

Every walk of life needs a mentor to guide the way. The right mentor will make a huge difference in achieving your goals. He or she can provide guidance, support, and accountability, helping you improve your skills. Mentors also provide a sounding board for your ideas and a guide through your significant challenges. 

Advance Your Career 

You need someone who has already walked down a similar path in life to help you navigate some confusing career choices. A mentor can walk with you in your career development, offering industry insights, skill-building suggestions, and regular check-ins. A mentor that has already walked a similar path can help you reach your career destination, because they know the way.

Personal Growth

Few people will help you grow personally like a good mentor. They offer recommendations, insights, and support to help individuals push through life’s challenges and achieve their full potential. Mentors provide motivation during the hard times, helping you stay on track toward your personal goals.

Inspire Creativity

Having a mentor is essential for personal and professional growth. But they can also provide inspiration and feedback to help you identify your unique creative potential. A good mentor can unlock your creativity by challenging assumptions and pushing you out of your comfort zone.  Their ability to look at a problem from a different perspective can help you find a solution when you’re stuck in a big dilemma.

4 Essential Qualities of The Right Mentor

You can’t afford to choose the wrong mentor. Jake Hamilton had a father who set a great example of holding a career while still being very involved in his children’s lives. To help you identify someone worthy to be a mentor in your life, here are 4 essential qualities I believe you should look for. 

First, they should be knowledgeable and experienced in your desired field.

Second, they should be patient and attentive, listening to your thoughts and concerns and creating a comfortable environment for you to seek advice.

Next, they should provide you with encouragement, helping you stay focused and motivated.

Last, they should be honest and provide constructive feedback to help you improve and overcome challenges.

With the right mentor, you’ll bypass some hurdles and be unbeatable like Jake Hamilton.
Listen to my whole interview with him where he talks about filming top documentaries and returning with me to Mogadishu.

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