The greatest Avenger of all time is…

The Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are the most successful movie franchise in history.  There isn’t a close second place to the wildly successful comic book series turned into a movie franchise. I’m no movie expert, so I can’t really explain why this franchise is so successful. But I have a theory about why so many people love these movies.

We all like the idea of somebody standing up for us. We all find ourselves in situations where we need somebody to step in and to help us out when we’re in over our head. That’s what makes superhero movies appeal to everyone.  We all need an avenger.  When we’re facing circumstances beyond our own abilities, we need someone who can be by our side to help us out. Inherent in the word avengeris the idea that someone has already done harm to us. In the movie franchise, the avengers always respond to a threat or harm that has been done to humanity. These movies have a universal appeal because we all need a powerful avengerwhen a powerful harm has been done to us.

The greater the harm done to us the greater the need for a superhero. It requires a powerful force for good to respond to a powerful force for evil in our lives. One of the things that makes this movie franchise so special is that there are different kinds of superheroes with different types of abilities. My guess is that you’ve been in a conversation about which Avenger is the greatest. Our different personalities naturally draw us toward different Avengers.

This movie franchise was successful because these characters are so different from one another. Now, I have a very difficult question for you… Who would you say is the greatest Avenger of all time? It’s not that easy to answer – right? This is where the discussion gets fun. Who would you say is the greatest of all time?

Hulk’s power

It’s undeniable that Hulk is the most powerful of all the Avengers. In fact, the way that the comic book was created you could argue that Hulk is the most powerful superhero of all time. Even Bruce Banner can’t control the Hulk’s power when it is unleashed against evil. The Hulk gives a picture of what it would like to have an avenger that is all-powerful. I love to watch Hulk “smash” the forces of evil. (Warning- Corny pun ahead.) It’s a strongargument to say that the Hulk’s power makes him the greatest Avenger of all time.

Iron Man’s intellect

Tony Stark has a lot going for him. He describes himself in the first Avenger movie as a genius- billionaire- playboy- philanthropist. That’s quite an impressive list. However, it doesn’t take long in the Avengers movie franchise to notice that Tony Stark stands above the others by his raw intellect. The Iron Man has some pretty impressive moves during fight scenes. He has some pretty amazing tech in that suit of armor. But what makes Iron Man so formidable is his ability to solve problems that no one else on earth can solve. (Warning- Corny pun ahead.) The smartestanswer to the question- who is the greatest adventure of all time- may be Iron Man.

Capt. America’s Righteousness

Capt. America may not be your first choice. However, the thing that separates him from the rest of the avengers is his uncompromising integrity. Steve Rogers is the one Avenger that will always do the right thing no matter the circumstances.  In fact, it is Capt. America’s righteousness that gets him in trouble with other Avengers on occasion. It’s Capt. America’s unwillingness to compromise that creates tension between him and Iron Man. It’s his unwillingness to lower his standards for morality that causes him to stand up against SHIELD leadership. (Warning- Corny pun ahead.) You could say the rightanswer to this question is Capt. America!

Although there are other avengers that could be included in this list. I chose these three because they really are the centerpiece of the Avengers team. Without either one of these three the avengers simply wouldn’t be the team that can respond to the world’s greatest threats.

D- All of the above

What if there were one Avenger that had it all? It would end the discussion immediately if there was a superhero that had Hulk’s power, Iron Man’s intellect, and Capt. America’s righteousness all rolled into one. I want an avenger that has it all. Not some of these characteristics some of the time. Rather, all of the characteristics all of the time. My answer to who is the greatest Avenger of all times is D – all of the above!  My choice for the greatest Avenger would be the Lord Jesus Christ!

Psalm 94 describes God as an avenger! Your translation may use the word revenge. But revenge and avenge are identical in thought.  Psalm 94:1 calls him the God of Revenge or God the avenger!   this Psalm was written by someone who has been greatly harmed. Rather than taking matters in their own hands, this writer is wise enough to leave the revenge in the hands of the greatest Avenger of all times.

God has all-power. There is no force in creation that is stronger than the power of the God who created it all. At the same time, God is all knowing. There is no knowledge that God does not possess. Tony Stark and Albert Einstein are simpleminded compared to God’s knowledge.  This kind of power and intellect is terrifying unless it is used for good. God is not only all-powerful and all-knowing he is also all-good, all the time! When I say that the Lord Jesus Christ is the greatest avenger of all times it is because he is God made into flesh. Jesus has fully all of the characteristics of God. Jesus is all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-good!

When you have been harmed by the forces of evil you need an Avenger this is powerful enough to avenge you.  You need someone smart enough to defeat an enemy greater that yourself.  And, more than anything, you need an Avenger that loves you enough to do anything for you.  This is the Bible’s description of the greatest Avenger- Lord Jesus Christ!

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