Quit talking about your dream, and DO IT!

Have you ever wondered what separates the people who achieve their dreams from those who just talk about them? Everyone has dreams about where they’d like to be in 10 years. Few people make any progress toward their dreams, and fewer still will achieve them. 

Brian Davidson has researched why one person achieves their dreams while the rest just talk about them. He uses his results to maximize human potential and help people accomplish their goals. (Yeah, I know. That got my attention, too.)

Brian is a Ph.D. researcher who has worked with professional NBA teams, Fortune 500 companies, and elite universities to teach the importance of mindset skills. His impressive clientele started from very humble beginnings. While teaching public high school students, he noticed the colossal money and resources dedicated to helping struggling students improve.

Yet, no one asked why the highly successful students outperformed the rest of the class. Looking at these students set him on the path to discovering the traits that help people achieve their dreams. 

Many years ago, a wise woman told Brian, “Quit talking about your dream, and write them down.” That comment changed Brian’s life. Today, he travels the world demonstrating the importance of mindset skills in accomplishing your dreams. Here are the three steps to achieving your goals in 2023.

Figure it out!

Many people have a vague image of their life 10 years from now. The idea is powerful and exciting, but not very clear. Because the image is fuzzy, it’s almost impossible to progress toward that dream. Don’t let vague dreams make you stagnate. Step one is to figure out your dream.

No real progress happens until you get past this step.

Until you start to crystalize your life’s dream, you’re unlikely to make any progress. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you must have the whole dream figured out to crystalize this image. Seldom does a person know all the details of their dream before they start working towards accomplishing it. More often, the pieces begin to come into focus only after real progress starts.  

Write it down!

This step is what separates overachievers from amateurs. Many people will obsess about their dreams long enough that it starts to come into focus. However, real progress toward their dreams usually ends at this point, mainly because there’s nothing personally motivating an individual to put the work into accomplishing their dreams at this stage.

We all need a push.  

Take a pencil (with an eraser) and paper, and write down your dream. Then put it in a place where you can see it regularly. Notice that I said to use a pencil with an eraser because chances are that you’ll change the words as you start to make progress and the dream becomes clearer. 

Here’s the most important point- Write a date you plan to accomplish that dream- IN INK! I’ve found that people who have a date attached to their dreams are forced to start to measure if they’re making any progress. This date can be arbitrary at first, but for some people, you must be honest about hitting that date. The dream you wrote on paper is compelling; it’s the date that makes you relentless

Make it happen!

Brian helps people figure out their dreams and progress toward accomplishing them. However, Brian can’t make your dreams come true. No one can make your dreams come true. Only you can do that for yourself. However, you don’t have to figure it out alone.

You will likely start to run into people who have already accomplished something close to your dreams and can give you advice along the way. Or perhaps you’ll meet some people with the answers to some problems you’ll encounter while making progress toward your dream. You should learn from these people and lean on them for advice. But don’t look to them to accomplish your dreams for you. That’s totally on you.

Follow Brian’s simple but proven steps if you want to make real progress toward your life’s dreams in 2023. Start putting in the work by figuring out your dreams, writing them down, and then making them happen.

Listen to my whole interview with Brian HERE

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