Ep 2: Nancy and Savannah Weaver- “Life After Loss”

This episode introduces you to 2 strong women: Nancy and Savannah Weaver.

They are the wife and child of Aaron Weaver, a helicopter pilot who was killed in action in Iraq. They share their story of loss and how they surpassed the period that no spouse has ever looked forward to and no child has ever expected to happen to them.

You’ll hear:
–the picture-perfect life of a family before it faced a tragic loss
–Nancy Weaver bringing us back to the painful hour of knowing that her husband is gone
–How she managed to picked herself up and hold her family together
–Inspirational words from 2 women who became UNBEATABLE despite the pain of loss

Nancy and Savannah Weaver are members of an amazing Gold Star family. Find out more about Aaron Weaver at: https://thefallen.militarytimes.com/army-chief-warrant-officer-2-aaron-a-weaver/256965

​​Catch behind the scenes and more over at:


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