Ep. 82: Dr. Ed Newton- From CODA to changing his city

When Dr. Ed Newton was growing up, he never dreamed he’d ever have the title “Dr.” In fact, he wasn’t even sure he’d go to college, being told he “wasn’t college material”. As a hearing son of 2 deaf parents, Ed was their mediator to the outside world and defender. He understood what it meant to be an underdog from watching his parents and navigating his own major learning challenges.

As an adult, he spent 13 years with his family on the road traveling to churches around the country as evangelists, and in 2016, he became the lead pastor of the now 15,000-person Community Bible Church in San Antonio, TX.

You’ll hear:

  • Why even his birth was extremely unlikely
  • What it was like to be a hearing child of deaf parents with no siblings
  • What radically changed the course of his rebellious life when he was a teenager
  • What made him become a pastor after traveling for 13 years
  • Why he got really mad at God when everything started falling apart as soon as he moved to San Antonio
  • How his church quickly paid off a $21 million debt and is a shining light in his city

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