Ep. 81: Travis Thomas- How to ‘embrace the goo’ to get unstuck

“Life is not a GPS; it’s a compass,” says Speaker, Coach, and Author Travis Thomas. Remembering that has helped him navigate scary things like not having a job when his three children were young and discovering his calling of using improv comedy to inspire others to have a “yes, and” mindset in life.

As a leadership coach, he helps individuals and companies live with purpose and authenticity. He’s worked with elite athletes around the world, like the U17 National Soccer Team and NFL and NBA Combine prospects, as well as companies like PepsiCo, Under Armor, Gatorade, Cintas, the Boston Red Sox and the Toronto Blue Jays.

You’ll hear:

  • Why he ate SO MANY Halo burgers as a child that he’s now a vegetarian
  • How he got into improv comedy in Boston at the age of 25
  • What he means when he encourages you to “embrace the goo” in your life to develop strength and courage
  • How to live with a “yes, and” mindset when facing challenges
  • Why the advice of a stranger in a café prompted Travis to write his book, 3 Words for Getting Unstuck: Live, Yes, And!

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