Ep. 80: Nelson Tressler-Winning at life even if you’re from the ‘Unlucky Sperm Club’

If anyone’s ever had the deck stacked against them from birth, it’s Nelson Tressler. In fact, his book is even called The Unlucky Sperm Club. But because of his incredibly harsh beginnings, he was determined to make something of his life. As an adult, he moved up from being a window washer in Las Vegas to becoming one of the top real estate agents in the US, closing over $1 billion in transactions and founding over 10 businesses! He has a reputation for being able to monetize anything, and he now helps others succeed in every aspect of life.

You’ll hear:

  • How he’s a product of rape, murder, extreme poverty, and the biggest trial ever in his small town (His story will leave you speechless!)
  • What drove him to get an education, despite being behind in ALL areas and dyslexic
  • His advice to anyone stuck in a dead-end job
  • How he’s navigated the challenges of staying married and raising successful sons despite having no positive male role models growing up 
  • Why he thinks one of the biggest tragedies is not that you tried something and it failed, but that you never tried it

Learn more about Nelson HERE

Enter to win a copy of his book HERE (Drawing will be held March 31, 2023)

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