Ep. 8: Dr. Grant Scarborough- "Stories from a doctor who dedicates his life to serving the poor"

Imagine you’d just spent 8 years getting intense academic training and real-world experience in the medical field. You’re about to launch your dream clinic to serve the poor, and the day before launching, you learn that someone has been stealing money from you. -not just a little, but A LOT of money. And the next day, you’re supposed to have an open house to introduce this incredible new clinic to a community.

How do you become unbeatable in a circumstance like that? How do you get up, dust yourself off, and not just throw in the towel?

That’s one of the things my guest, Dr. Grant Scarborough, founder of MercyMed in Columbus, GA is going to talk about in this episode. I highly respect Dr. Scarborough, not just because of his accomplishments, but because of his heart for people who are the most vulnerable.

In this interview, you’ll hear:

  • Why Dr. Scarborough was initially the most reluctant medical school student ever
  • What caused him to develop a desire to serve the poor and why he considers it a privilege
  • Why just treating physical ailments is not enough to make a person completely well
  • How he tackles funding challenges
  • How he overcame extreme betrayal and his advice to listeners struggling with bitterness

PLUS, you’ll hear some of the craziest injury stories Dr. Scarbrough has seen, as well as stories behind some of my own gnarly scars.

To find out more about his incredible clinic, MercyMed, and/or to donate, click here: https://mercymedcolumbus.com/

Or, connect with them on social:



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