Ep. 7: Mark Nygard- "A firefighter’s advice for facing stress head-on"

Imagine that you just got hired for the dream job, but here’s the conditions for the first year: Everything you do, I mean every minute of the day, is being evaluated. Can you picture in your mind the stress and anxiety of knowing for an entire year everything you do is being scrutinized?

That’s what it was like for my guest, Mark Nygard. Mark is a fire lieutenant at the Tacoma Fire Department and a former elite special operations soldier.

In this interview, Mark talks about:

  • His tough transition from military life to civilian life
  • How demanding it is just to become a firefighter and what skills you need to be successful
  • The daily physical and mental challenges a firefighter faces and strategies for how to push through
  • His advice for keeping a family together when you have a job that keeps you away a lot
  • Why firefighters are able to go INTO a burning building when human instinct is to run OUT

PLUS, you’ll enjoy hearing some examples of the most outrageous 911 calls he’s heard over the years.

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