Ep. 69- Brent Crowe: Boldly leading into the unknown

Brent and his wife knew they wanted to adopt but had to wait over 3 years before seeing that dream fulfilled. Then, just 5 weeks after receiving an email from a child advocacy attorney, they added 3 children to their family, in addition to the 3 they already had! 

Brent’s passion to make a difference in the world goes beyond his family, though. As Vice President of Student Leadership University, he helps high school students develop leadership skills that radically change their lives – and the world around them.

You’ll hear:

  • What led Brent and his wife to both want to adopt children
  • How they approach parenting multiple children with past trauma 
  • What SLU is and how it builds future leaders
  • How COVID forced SLU to “re-invent” itself, and it came out better on the other side 
  • Why he didn’t throw in the towel when things got really tough
  • Why he wrote his new book and what it’s about

**Plus, Brent answers Jeff’s question about how he would spend a free day if he could go anywhere – with no responsibilities at home. 

Learn more about Student Leadership University HERE.

Order Brent’s book – 10 Steps to Your Best Life – HERE

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