Ep. 67: Jill Stephenson- A Gold Star Mom and a Life-Saving Gift to Others

In this special Christmas episode, you’ll hear from a courageous Gold Star Mother. Long before Jill Stephenson’s son, Ben, joined the Army to serve with the 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, she knew it was his destiny. She never worried about his safety, and seeing how proud he was of his service each time he was home convinced her that Ben was right where he was supposed to be. 

But in July of 2009, Jill got the call that changed her life forever. Ben had been injured while saving the lives of 6 fellow Rangers in Afghanistan, and he ultimately did not survive. Jill’s courage and strength through that time are truly inspirational, and today, she continues to use her speaking talents to lead and serve other military families that have lost somebody in combat. 

You’ll hear:

  • Who inspired Ben and influenced many of his choices.
  • Why Ben seemed to sense his 3rd tour would be different … and not in a good way.
  • What happened when Jill was 15 which helped prepare her for this extremely difficult moment.
  • Who and what gave Jill the strength to move forward.
  • How Ben’s gift of organ donation saved the lives of 4 people and enhanced the lives of 60 others. 
  • The unique honor Ben’s family received at his funeral that is almost unheard of!

 **Plus, Jill and Jeff each talk about their favorite Christmas memory. 

Learn more about Jill at her website HERE.

Order Jill’s book, Heart of a Ranger: The True Story of Cpl. Ben Kopp, American Hero in Life and Death

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