Ep 62: Alex Harris- Creating the toughest race on earth

Alex Harris is a world-renown athlete, known for amazing feats like climbing the tallest mountains in the world, walking across Africa’s Empty Quarter unsupported and on foot, and becoming the first African to walk unsupported to the South Pole. He’s also the founder of a 5-day event called the Munga, dubbed the toughest race on earth. You’ll definitely be inspired by someone who has pretty much done it all in extreme sports. 

You’ll hear:

  • Why he believes that toughness exists in all of us, but very few discover it
  • What he sees as the ingredients for developing toughness
  • Why Alex chose to leave a successful career in sales 
  • The greatest lessons he’s learned through pushing himself to the limits
  • Why he created the 700-mile Munga race in South Africa, said to be ‘genuinely, absolutely, debilitatingly hard’.

**Plus, Alex answers how he would spend a free day if he could go anywhere – with no responsibilities. 

Learn more about The Munga HERE.

Follow Alex on Twitter HERE.

I’m competing in The Munga (November 30-December 5) as a fundraiser and to raise awareness for the Three Rangers Foundation, which helps veterans who struggle after leaving the military. You can learn more about it and make a donation HERE.

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