Ep. 6: Tom Flick- “From NFL to Corporate Leader”

If anyone knows how to overcome obstacles, it’s this week’s guest.

In many circles, he needs no introduction. Tom Flick is a former Rose Bowl champion and played as a quarterback in the NFL for 7 years.

Today he is a corporate leadership expert who has spoken to organizations like NASA, Ford, Starbucks, and Microsoft on leading through change.

Have you ever put your entire life into something, only to have it suddenly fall apart? Maybe it was a business, and the industry collapsed. Maybe it was a divorce and you poured everything you had into the marriage, and your spouse sat down at the dining room table and say, “I found somebody else; it’s over.” In Tom’s case, he built his entire adult life for a moment in football, when it all got pulled out from underneath him.

In this interview you’ll hear:

  1. How he developed the discipline to become a top-level NFL player
  2. What it felt like to get have the rug pulled out from under him and how it became a blessing in disguise
  3. His advice for how to operate in any fast-paced environment
  4. One of the highlights of his life that happened during one of the most painful events of his life
  5. The most important strategy for leading during times of change… such as during a global pandemic

To learn more about Tom, visit https://tomflick.com/

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