Ep. 55: Jeff Lopes knows how to live without regret

As the founder of multiple successful businesses, coach to high-performing leaders, and host of the top-rated podcast, Jeff Knows Inc., Jeff Lopes has a lot to say on how to not just stay afloat, but thrive in life and business as the world around you shifts. He’s had to navigate the ups and downs, successes and failures of being an entrepreneur, and now he mentors leaders at all levels on how to do the same.  

You’ll hear:

  • How his son’s cerebral palsy inspired him to change his business model
  • The difference between ‘self-employed’ and ‘entrepreneur’
  • Why mistakes are good for you and right after a failure is the worst time to quit
  • Jeff’s expert advice on how to pivot during uncertainty
  • His top tips for work/life balance when it seems impossible 

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