Ep. 4: David Eubank – "Running Toward Danger" [Part 2]

Episode 4 of UNBEATABLE continues the story of Dave Eubank, the man who runs toward danger to help others, rather than running away.

What would it take for you to leave your family, a growing business or non-profit you’re leading, and your home for a dangerous country on the edge of a war zone?

In this episode of UNBEATABLE, Dave explains why he left his children and business meeting in Texas to travel to Tajikistan in order to help people trying to escape Taliban rule in Afghanistan.

Sometimes you’re challenged to ‘put your money where your mouth is’. It’s the moments when you’re in the crossfire that demonstrate what’s really valuable to you. In order to help the oppressed, Dave and his team decided he wanted to make a difference for people in Afghanistan, rather than just complain about the images in the newspapers.

Dave is currently located in Tajikistan in Central Asia. His team is trying to provide immediate assistance and basic needs to people stranded in communities, following the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Kabul, Afghanistan.

Last week, Episode 3, introduced us to Dave Eubank’s deep love for people and bold faith. Dave founded Free Burma Rangers as a non-profit that goes into hostile areas around the world to help the needy and protect the vulnerable. This week, we see how Dave’s team attempted to create a safe zone and to rescue victims stranded after the last NATO forces left from Afghanistan. Check this spectacular news footage that became the basis for the documentary entitled Free Burma Rangers: (https://fbrmovie.com/).

You’ll hear:

– How he was dragged and survived an ambush while trying to save others..

– Why “radicalization” are two sides of the same coin.

– Why it’s essential make your actions reflect your values

– Dave challenge you to make a difference

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