Ep 34: Diana Gremillion- Transforming Life’s Most Rotten Ingredients

More than 50% of workers feel burned out right now. As a former NY investment banker, a master chef who cooked a Michelin-star meal for former President Obama, owner of multiple other businesses, and an adviser to Fortune 500 companies, Diana Gremillion faced SEVERE burnout, showing up in chronic pain, disease, and hair loss.

Something had to change. Hear how she picked up, moved to Hawaii, and learned how to transform her no-stop, high-stress pattern into a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

You’ll hear:

  • about her experience as a 9/11 survivor and how she had to face that trauma years later
  • how burnout sneaks up on you and the crippling effects
  • the #1 thing high performs must do to avoid the worst kinds of burnout
  • how this chef takes the rotten ingredients life throws at her and embraces the good inside them
  • how she now helps people work smarter, not harder, and have the life they really want instead of the life that society or the business sector tells them they’re supposed to live

**PLUS, Diana and Jeff share their top 5 quotes for savoring the simple moments in life.

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