Ep 30: Travis Pheanis- The Greatest Endurance Competition in the World- BEST RANGER

Every year, the best of the best in the Army Ranger community descend on Fort Benning, GA to compete in a grueling 2.5-day competition that pushes soldiers to their mental and physical limits. In this episode, the Executive Director for the National Ranger Association, Travis Pheanis, and Jeff, one of the Best Ranger Competition’s past winners, sit down to talk about why they love this incredibly intense event so much.

You’ll hear

  • about Travis’ distinguished 20-year career in the US Army
  • why he is completely committed to serving the tight-knit Ranger community 
  • how he and others work hard to make this world’s toughest competition better and better 
  • details of the brutal challenges competitors face during those 2.5 days
  • Travis’ and Jeff’s TOP FIVE things they absolutely love about the Best Ranger Competition.

For more info, a schedule, videos, photos and more, go HERE.

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