Ep 29: Eric Herrera- The story of a bomb hunter during the height of war in Iraq

There are a lot of dangerous jobs in the Army, but one of the most dangerous is to serve as a combat engineer, finding and disarming roadside bombs. Eric Herrera risked his life for years as a combat engineer in the US Army, and his unit found and disarmed 126 bombs during his first tour. But, on Christmas Day 2006, his unit also suffered heavy losses, which he vividly writes about in his new book, A Bomb Hunter’s Story: My Life Clearing the Roads of Iraq

You’ll hear:

  • Why he joined the Army in the first place, particularly working with explosives
  • Why he had to quickly be combat-ready
  • What the job of a combat engineer is like and how they identify IEDs
  • Exactly what happened on a Christmas night mission in 2006 that changed his life and has stuck with him for 15 years
  • What has helped him process emotions and how he helps other veterans do the same

*Plus, Jeff gives the top five things he learned about explosives as a breacher in the Ranger Regiment.

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