Ep 27: Coach Tom Ryan- You don’t get better by sitting on the bench

Coach Ryan, the champion head wrestling coach for the Ohio State Buckeyes and multi-time NCAA Head Coach of the Year, is no stranger to suffering, both chosen and unchosen.

He was an elite-level collegiate wrestler himself under legendary coach Dan Gable, which took the kind of mental and physical endurance few people have. But, his greatest suffering came when he very suddenly lost his 5-year old son from an unknown heart condition.

You’ll hear:

  • How he initially got into wrestling 
  • What it was like to compete at the highest level under Coach Gable 
  • His take on how to become elite at anything
  • A description of the unimaginable day his young son suddenly passed away
  • His advice for coping with extreme grief
  • How his pain led to questions about ultimate truth and what he found

**Plus, in the discussion about the discomfort it takes to become an elite athlete, Jeff also gives his top 5 moments of discomfort it took to become an elite soldier in the Army.

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