Ep. 17: Michael Carrasquillo- A wounded warrior helps veterans through physical and mental recovery

9/11 fundamentally changed America. Soon after, wanting to defend his country, New Yorker Michael Carrasquillo (CQ) signed up for the Army as a teenager. During one of his combat deployments, he was severely wounded from the impact of 5 bullets. His life was spared, but the road to recovery was long and difficult. Today, Michael serves as a mentor to veterans, helping them through PTSD.

You’ll hear:

  • About his early life in Spanish Harlem and what made him choose the Army
  • How he quickly went from newbie to a skilled leader in the Army
  • What it was like on September 9, 2005, when he almost died in Afghanistan while helping another injured soldier
  • The #1 thing that got him out of severe depression, isolation, and dark thoughts during his recovery
  • How he now helps other wounded veterans find hope

PLUS, Michael has a message specifically for you if you are struggling with PTSD.

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