Ep. 15: Zoë Nutt- Making beautiful music despite being almost completely deaf

Imagine being a happy kid, but at 8-years old, you suddenly lose all hearing in one ear. As a young woman, you wake up, and you can’t hear anything out of the other ear, not knowing if it will ever come back. My guest, Zoë Nutt opens up about her life as a musician and songwriter, despite the daily struggles and uncertainty with her hearing.

You’ll hear:

  • Where her love of music and songwriting began

  • How she felt when her hearing was suddenly and inexplicably gone

  • How she confidently moves forward despite daily uncertainty

  • How she has been able to overcome obstacles and still write, record, and successfully release music

  • Zoë’s advice to those struggling with self esteem due to being different

And as a bonus, Zoë and I share our favorite Christmas songs of all time.

Follow Zoë and learn more about her music at https://www.zoenutt.com/

Watch her new music video to the hit, Wildflower, HERE.

Instagram – @zoenutt

Facebook – @zoenuttmusic

To listen to Music Box Blues mentioned in this episode, click HERE.

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