Ep. 147: Jeremy Harrell- From Battlefield to Brotherhood

Jeremy Harrell, an esteemed U.S. Army Combat Veteran of Iraqi Freedom, dedicated nine years of his life to honorable service, rising to the rank of Non-Commissioned Officer. Following his military career, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and a steadfast commitment to his fellow veterans, Jeremy established Veteran’s Club Inc. in Kentucky upon retirement. This nonprofit has made a profound impact on countless veterans through pioneering programs designed to enhance their lives. Jeremy’s leadership and advocacy remain instrumental in enriching and empowering the veteran community across the nation.

  • Jeremy shares his experience of joining the US Army and deployment to Iraq during the early stages of the 2003 Iraq War.
  • He discusses his motivation to serve, influenced significantly by the impact of the September 11th attacks, and reflects on the bittersweet feeling of celebrating Independence Day as a veteran.
  • Jeremy reflects on his interactions with prisoners of war, emphasizing the importance of treating them as human beings deserving of dignity.
  • He recounts his experiences in combat and the challenges he faced upon returning home.
  • Jeremy highlights the mission of Veterans Club Inc. in supporting the lives of veterans, and providing essential community and resources to those who have served.

Learn more about Veterans Club Inc.

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