Ep. 146: Sgt. Justin Dodge- Leaving Courageous Footprints After Losing Limb

Heavy Victory LLC CEO and Denver Police Sgt. Justin Dodge faced a life-changing moment when he was critically injured, pinned beneath an 80-000 pound firetruck during the Nuggets Championship Parade. Despite losing his leg in this harrowing incident, Justin refused to be defeated. In this episode of Unbeatable, he shares his remarkable journey—from his family’s legacy of public service to the demanding path of becoming a SWAT officer. Justin opens up about the immense challenges of recovery, the crucial role of positivity, and his unwavering determination to return to duty. His story is a testament to the indomitable human spirit, illustrating the sheer strength it takes to triumph over adversity.

  • Explore Justin Dodge’s strong commitment to public service, shaped by his family background, guiding his path to the Denver Police Department and the SWAT team.
  • Learn about the demanding path to becoming a SWAT officer, emphasizing problem-solving skills and the commitment to saving lives in intense situations.
  • Explore the world of SWAT operations through Justin’s experience.
  • Hear Justin’s gripping firsthand account of surviving a life-threatening incident during a parade and his relentless determination to resume active duty, highlighting the crucial role of prehabilitation and goal-setting in his recovery journey.
  • How he helps people become heroes in their own stories.

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