Ep. 141: Ann Nickell- Faith, Focus, and Footprints

Join Ann C.K. Nickell as she shares her remarkable transformation. Hear how she overcame a toxic marriage, a near-death experience, and the threat of amputation, fueled by the power of prayer and gratitude. Ann didn’t just survive—she thrived. She defied the odds, learned to walk again, and became a published author despite industry challenges. Now, as a coach, speaker, and author, Ann empowers others to find their own strength.

  • Even in the darkest moments, transformation is possible.
  • What does it take to recognize and leave an unhealthy relationship.
  • How faith and gratitude can be powerful tools for navigating difficult situations.
  • Hope fuels optimism and allows us to find the upside in every situation.
  • Why you should believe you deserve more and there are resources available to help you.
  • Importance of breaking down your goals into smaller steps and celebrating each achievement.

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