Ep. 121: Thomas ‘Tomy’ Parker- How this triple amputee is winning the war within

Today we kick off 2024 with a Marine Corps veteran whose life completely turned upside down when he stepped on an IED in Afghanistan in 2010. His massive injuries resulted in him becoming a triple amputee, which led to drug addiction and multiple arrests. But, something happened at a gas station one day, and now he is sober, an endurance athlete, inspiring others, and has even co-founded a company called For Freedom Fundraising.

You’ll hear:

-How growing up on a farm in Montana prepared him for the Marine Corps
-Exactly what happened in Afghanistan and his thoughts immediately after the explosion
-The emotional and psychological effects of his injuries that he was not prepared for
-How his life spiraled out of control because of drug addictions
-What happened at a gas station that totally changed the direction of his life
-The 3 things he says led him from prison and addiction to inspiring people on stages across America

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