Ep. 12: John Berry- “From humble beginnings to Grammy award”

From humble beginnings to a Grammy award: How country star John Berry beat major health setbacks along the way.

No matter how much fame or success you achieve, no one is immune to the possibility of a career-ending health crisis. John Berry experienced not one, but TWO major setbacks. Yet, he found the strength to keep going, which ultimately has led to amazing achievements in the country music industry.

You’ll hear:

  • How he got started in country music and just how long it took to have a breakthrough
  • About his two devastating health crises and what got him through
  • Some of his proudest moments, including an interview with the legendary Charlie Daniels
  • All about his upcoming Christmas tour
  • A word of encouragement for listeners struggling right now

PLUS: Jeff and John both tell their top favorite things about the Christmas season!

Follow John on his website at www.johnberry.com to find out more about his upcoming shows and his Faith, Family & Friends podcast.

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