Ep. 119: Matthew Lesser- Bouncing back from a secret that rocked the family and ruined the business

Imagine having to unexpectedly take over a failing company in your early 20s and at the same time, learning your father has a completely different life that you knew nothing about. This happened to Matthew Lesser, and the stress of it all sent his whole life into a downward spiral for years. But with divine intervention, he rebuilt and became stronger than ever before. Today, he’s written 2 books, and he’s the founder of Uniquely Normal, which trains leaders on creating teams that are fully engaged and excited in their work.

You’ll hear:

  • How spending a year hospitalized as a teen affected the trajectory of his life
  • Why he was suddenly left as the head of a business that was deeply in debt
  • What it was like to discover his father had another family in another state
  • What saved him from crippling depression that almost took his life
  • What he learned about leadership in the process that turned him into an expert
  • What Uniquely Normal teaches about the difference between success and flourishing

Connect with Matt at UniquelyNormal.com or reach out to him via email at Matt@UniquelyNormal.com

Order his book UnSatisfied: When Less Is More or unEngaged: Building Flourishing Organizations

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