Ep. 114: Ricky and Lindsay Lewis- When your dream life becomes a nightmare

When sexual harassment is reported, most of the time the accuser is telling the truth. But what happens when a false accusation derails someone’s life and destroys their reputation? Unfortunately stories like my guests’ happen all the time.

15 years ago, Ricky and Lindsay Lewis were two young, beloved ministry leaders on the rise until a verifiably false accusation against Ricky caused all of their future plans to come crashing down. I have the utmost respect for how they bounced back and rebuilt their life after something no one should ever have to go through.

You’ll hear:

  • How they got started in ministry and coaching and what they thought their future would look like
  • The events surrounding the accusation and Ricky’s dismissal…and how that accusation proved to be false
  • How it has deeply affected their family for 15 years
  • Their amazing testimony of faith, strength and resilience through it all
  • How its okay to have honest conversations with God when your life is different from what you imagined

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