Ep. 111: John Lovell- The Cure for Cancel Culture

As a Content Creator, Speaker, and Firearms Trainer, John Lovell has created a strong community of millions called the Warrior Poet Society, dedicated to “physical protection, the pursuit of truth, and living for a higher purpose.” In the Bible, Jesus is said to be both a lion and a lamb. John is both a fierce warrior and gentle truth seeker. We met years ago serving in the 2nd Ranger Battalion, and I’ve always been impressed by his boldness and commitment to doing what is right.

You’ll hear:

  • What he sees in our society that fueled the creation of a community recognized all over the world
  • Our views about deciding when to and when NOT to use deadly force in a situation
  • Our answers to the #1 question I get: “Is it okay for a Christian to go to war?”
  • Why he believes cowardice is contagious…but so is courage
  • What’s wrong with young people today having their top goal in life to be a social media influencer
  • What you can do about today’s widespread bullying, canceling, and silencing of unpopular opinions

Find out more about the Warrior Poet Society HEREClick here to enter to win a free E-copy of John’s book, The Warrior Poet Way: A Guide to Living Free and Dying Well (Drawing will be held November 3rd)

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