Ep. 106: Stories I WISH would have made it into Black Hawk Down- Kurt Smith

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the events known as Black Hawk Down, we’re in a series of stories I WISH would have made it into the book and movie. For this episode, I got to sit down with Kurt Smith, who has heavily impacted me not just as a warrior, but as a man. We served together for years in Special Operations, and in Somalia in 1993, he was part of the “main effort” during the fight. His friendship during that time was vital for me and many others.

You’ll hear:

  • Why we both believe the force put together for the Somalia mission is one of the best ever assembled in history
  • How we got to know each other when we were neighbors as Sergeants in the Ranger Regiment
  • A time when his example gave me a punch in the gut and challenged me to be a better man
  • Why I was so impressed by the speed and efficiency with which his unit operated
  • An honest discussion of what it’s like to be in some of the heaviest gunfire Americans have ever seen and watching people we admired die right before our eyes

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