Ep. 105: (Part 2) Stories I WISH would have made it into Black Hawk Down- Brad Paulsen

This series is true stories of valor and courage that should have been in the book or movie, Black Hawk Down. In this episode, I interview Brad Paulsen, who is without doubt, the bravest man I’ve ever seen in a firefight.

In 1993, he was a young Ranger who hadn’t been in the Army very long. He was a turret gunner in Somalia, and his ability to remain calm multiple times when he was certain he was going to die amazed me. His actions saved many lives (including mine), and I am truly honored to have served with him.

You’ll hear:

  • How he ended up in the Ranger Regiment
  • What went through his mind when he was being shot at from all directions
  • How he maintained composure when doing one of the most gruesome tasks a warrior ever does
  • How he successfully operated a 50 cal weapon with a severely injured hand (something VERY few people could do)
  • How we could have all been killed if he did not have perfect accuracy with a grenade
  • What he did that I believe is the greatest single act of valor I’ve ever seen

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