Living victoriously amidst defeatists

Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin had every opportunity to become negative and pessimistic and lose all hope in the future of the US Army.  Instead, he chose a different path, and over 36-years, he led the US Military through one of the most pronounced changes in American history.

In the early 1970’s, the US Army was demoralized from the Vietnam War, and there was rampant drug use and racism throughout the ranks.  In my recent interview, Jerry and I talked about the great leaders who left the military because of the abysmal conditions at that time.  However, because he’s unbeatable, Jerry refused to give in to all the negativity in the military at that time. 

He decided to live victoriously amidst defeatists.

Maintaining hope and a positive outlook can be challenging in a world that often seems to thrive on negativity and pessimism. The news spews a constant stream of negative stories.  This pipeline of conflict, disaster, and tragedy makes it easy to feel overwhelmed by the weight of all the problems around you. But just because the world can be dark, it doesn’t mean you have to become a defeatist like everyone else.

Don’t give in to the negativity

Remaining optimistic while swimming in an ocean of negativity is possible, but it takes effort. It requires a conscious decision to focus on both sides of a situation or people rather than dwelling only on the negative. It means actively looking for positive news and stories of hope, even when they aren’t as readily available as stories of doom and gloom.

I want to remind you that optimism doesn’t mean ignoring the challenges and problems in your world. Rather, it means acknowledging them but also recognizing that we have the power to make a difference. By working toward positive change like Jerry, you too can be a force for good in the world, even amidst the most pessimistic of environments like the US Army of the 1970s.

Your outlook is a choice

Choose optimism.  Decide to look for the positive.  One way to find optimism amidst many pessimists is to surround yourself with positive influences. Seek out friends and colleagues who share your values and outlook on life and who will encourage and support you in your journey toward positivity.

You can do this by practicing gratitude. Last week, we celebrated Thanksgiving in the United States.  It was a holiday instituted during the darkest days of America’s history.  If President Abraham Lincoln could find a reason to be thankful during the bloody chaos of the US Civil War, then there’s room for you to find gratitude no matter how challenging your circumstances are.

Chose optimism

If all you see are problems, you’ll never spot a solution. Optimism has a profound impact on our lives. It enables us to see the good in individuals and situations and concentrate on possibilities rather than limitations. It gives you the drive and vitality to continue working toward your objectives, even when the path seems arduous.

Most importantly, it allows you to find happiness and joy in the present moment rather than always yearning for something more.

By choosing to be optimistic, you open yourself up to a world of potential. It’s a mindset that enables you to approach life confidently and enthusiastically. With this attitude, you can overcome obstacles and challenges, knowing that you have the strength and resilience to succeed.

So, choose optimism, and let it drive you to be an agent of change in your environment, like Jerry was in the US Army.

Living victoriously amidst defeatists is a challenge, but it’s one that you can overcome. By focusing on the positive, surrounding yourself with supportive influences, practicing gratitude, and taking action, you can find optimism amidst the most pessimistic environments. Like Jerry Boykin, you have the power to be a force for good and make a difference in your world. Live victoriously, no matter what obstacle, and you will be unbeatable too.

Listen to my whole interview with Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin HERE

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