Life is like running a marathon on tired legs

Sometimes, the only way to overcome an obstacle is to go through it.   Anthony Lee knows a lot about this philosophy from the staggering number of marathons he has run in his lifetime.   Everyone has heard the analogy of overcoming a challenge or obstacle as running “a marathon, not a sprint.”  Anthony Lee is putting that quote to the extreme test in 2024.

I don’t know what the record is, but this guy has got to be close. Now he’s trying something that few people on earth can accomplish in a lifetime: He’s attempting to run the World Marathon Majors in a single season! (Only about 25 of the best runners in the world can accomplish this challenge.) This is the equivalent of running the marathon of the world’s biggest marathons in a single season. 

During my recent Unbeatable interview with Anthony, we talked about the many challenges he has overcome in the military and on the marathon course that forged him into the inspirational figure he is today. There are so many life lessons that I don’t even know where to start with this analogy. I’ll just point out three natural observations about Anthony’s 2024 World Marathon Major goal as a way of helping you run beyond your greatest challenges this year. 

What the marathon can teach you about life

Every marathon course has uphill and downhill sections, hard turns, and long straightaways. Every challenge in life will throw the same type of circumstances at you. Like every marathon course Anthony has ever run, life is full of painful challenges.

Success in a marathon is not the speed at which you finish, but simply crossing the finish line. Success in handling life’s challenges is not how fast or effortlessly you deal with them, but merely being able to get to the other side of the challenge. 

We all must learn to run on tired legs

Crossing the finish line of a marathon will take a lot out of you. The same is true of getting across any obstacle in your life. Most people will take days or weeks of rest after running a marathon. Sometimes, right after overcoming a great challenge, another challenge is waiting right after the finish line. In moments like this, you are forced to get up and start running again despite your tired and sore legs. 

Anthony faced the brutal challenge last week of running two World Marathon Majors in 6 days.  99% of completing the 2nd marathon is accomplished just by standing at the starting line of the 2nd marathon, no matter how tired or sore your legs are after the 1st marathon.

Looking at another mountain right after you get to the top of a grueling challenge can be demoralizing. However, decide to face the next challenge despite what the last marathon took out of you, which is already 99% of the work.

Crossing the finish line is worth the pain

Why would anyone in their right mind endure 26.2 miles of constant pain? Because the joy of self-accomplishment after crossing the finish line makes all the pain worthwhile! This is the same reason people face their most significant challenges in life rather than simply quitting or giving up in the face of adversity.

Maybe you’ve had to overcome a health crisis, endure a final hardship that left a lasting impact, or endure a family difficulty you will never forget. In all these circumstances, those past painful experiences can help you overcome far greater challenges in the future. The pride you feel crossing the finish line is always worth the pain on the course!

This week, attack your challenges with the tenacity and endurance of a marathon runner. However, don’t forget that right after overcoming your current challenge, another one might be waiting for you around the corner. If that’s the case, step up to the start line of your next challenge, like Anthony, who has tired legs but a stout heart.

Listen to my recent interview with Anthony HERE.

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