Keeping Your Eyes on the Finish Line

One of the great challenges of the Christian life is to stay focused!   I think it’s probably hard for people all over the world to remain focused on their Savior, but it is extremely difficult in the United States.  Every moment of every day something is screaming for your attention.  All it takes is a brief glance, and if you are not careful you might end up totally off course in your walk with Jesus.

Have you ever seen a magic show?  All of us know instinctively that what we are seeing can’t be real.  But despite what our mind tells us, our eyes believe what we’re seeing.  Magic works on illusion and the slight of hand.  While your eyes are fixed on something else the magician makes the trick appear real.  Because you took your eyes off what was important you were able to be deceived.

Where is your focus?

One of the challenges found in Hebrews chapter 12 is for Christians to remain focused on Jesus Christ over the long-term. Hebrews tells us to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus because he started us out on this Christian walk and he will be there waiting for us when we reach the finish line.  The way that we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus is by walking step- in-step with him throughout our entire journey of faith.  The danger comes from taking your eyes off Jesus and focusing on something or someone else that is calling for your attention.

I want to challenge you to examine what has your attention.  This week keep a record of where your time and attention is placed.  At the end of this week ask, “How much time did I spend watching TV, listening to radio, surfing the Internet?”  And if you really want a scary question, ask yourself,  “Did where I spent my time this week point my focus toward Jesus?”  We all must be careful or we will quickly get distracted and take our attention off our Savior.  So, in everything that we do, let’s all fix our eyes on Jesus this week.

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