Why Jesus is still the most influential man in human history- even 2000 years after his death.

There are few people on the planet who have never heard the name Jesus. This poor Jewish Rabbi that lived 2000 years ago is still today the most influential man in human history.  Billions of people over thousands of years have been transformed by the son of a Jewish carpenter.

How is it possible that one man, who died a criminal’s death, can influence kings, emperors, presidents and prime ministers? Why is it that his cross adorns more grave markers, T-shirts, jewelry, and tattoos than any other symbol in the world?  Easter Sunday- is the answer to that question!

He didn’t stay dead

At its very basics, Easter Sunday says that Jesus really was the Son of God: this man though murdered was yet innocent; he really did have power over death; his resurrection three days later proves his message to be true.

In fact, Easter is the basis for the Christian faith.  The great apostle Paul, who was himself a terrorist and a persecutor of Christians, explains the resurrected Christ in Acts 26:13-15.   Paul would go on to say that the resurrection of Jesus Christ was the basis for the Christian faith in 1 Corinthians 15:14.

He created an unstoppable movement

If Jesus were only a dead man come back to life, I don’t think we’d still be talking about him today. He created a movement among his people — a movement that continues to this day. (Acts 1:8)

You can have the ethics of Buddhism without Buddha. You can have the tenets of Islam without Mohammed. You can have the morality of Confucianism without Confucius…  But you can’t have Christianity without Christ.  Jesus the man is the message of Christianity.

The basis for this unstoppable movement is that God has forgiven sinners through the death of his Son Jesus. God is restoring sinners to himself through the resurrection of his Son Jesus. And, there is no other way to God except through Jesus. This is the basis of Christianity.

His people continue his mission in his power

Jesus gave his people the responsibilities to continue his mission until he comes back again. Jesus’ last commission to his people is found in Matthew 28:18-20.

The unstoppable force of Christianity is Jesus’ people, showing and sharing his love in the power of his Holy Spirit.   This is the reason why he continues to be the most influential man in human history-  even 2000 years after his death!

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