If you think your family is messed up…

“No one can hurt you like family can hurt you!”  I don’t know where this quote originated but whoever said it is a genius.  Your family can be your biggest source of pain or your biggest source of pleasure. Chances are, it’s either one or the other but not both.

You didn’t chose your parents

No one had a choice in who their parents were.  Like a prince born into a family of royalty destined to become a future king he did nothing to deserve it. Like a crack-baby born to a mother hooked on drugs the baby did nothing to deserve it.   There is absolutely nothing you can do to change who your parents are. You can abandon your family, you can change your last name, you can find new people with which to associate but you can’t change your birth parents.

God brought you into your family.   So whether you’re proud of your parents or embarrassed by your parents remember, they were given to you by God.

You can change your family’s future

Since you can’t change your birth parents I think it’s more important to work on changing your family’s future than to worry about your family’s past.   The previous generations made their mistakes before you were born.  There is nothing you can do to change it. But you can ensure that those mistakes don’t continue into future generations.

So what are you doing right now to change the direction that your family is going?  Anyone can make a huge impact in their family.   As a child you can change your family’s future by your example. As a parent you can change your family’s future with your God given authority. Start today by setting a higher standard for your family. Start today by defining what it means to share your last name. Start today by raising the stakes on morality and godliness in your home.

Have a new family by Sunday

Did you know that you can have a new family by this Sunday?   Obviously, I’m not talking about the new birth parents.   That was set by God.   But you can have a new family – an eternal family- new brothers and sisters because of a new relationship with your Father in Heaven.

You see, when God changes a person’s soul he also changes their family.   This is called being adopted into the family of God in Romans 8:15. In Galatians 4:5 it is described as going from slaves to sons and daughters of the King!  In Ephesians 1:15 describes Jesus as our example-  meaning that you have the same access to God the Father that Jesus has when you come to him in faith.

So if your family’s caused you great pain, if you are looking for a better family, if you need a family that will love and support you-  turn your soul over to Jesus Christ and then embrace his church as your new family this Sunday?

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