I love a Steak

I’m love a big juicy steak! (Don’t freak out on me all you vegetarians.) Sometimes I’m in the mood for salad, other days I’m craving rice and green vegetables, but when I’m hungry for meat only a big juicy steak will satisfy that craving.

Notice that I never said I crave a bottle of baby formula. Milk and cookies are a good snack but they never satisfy my need for a solid meal. I think the guy who wrote the book of Hebrews was craving a juicy steak. He used this as an illustration to teach us what it’s like to grow in our knowledge of Jesus and his great gospel.

Do you eat meat or drink milk?

He said that babies drink milk but grown men and women eat steak. Of course, he was using this to describe the difference between those who only understand the very basics of Christianity and those who can understand the deep things of God’s love for us through his son Jesus Christ.

So where are you? Are you the kind of person who likes a big juicy steak because you can handle the deep things of God? Be careful how you answer this question because if you’re the kind of person who can handle the deeper things of God’s word- then you are also the person who should be teaching these things to others.

Hebrews ties understanding the depth of God’s love in Jesus with teaching others to understand our Great Savior. The deeper you go personally the more you are responsible to share with others. So sink your teeth into that to see tender meat of God’s word. Chew on it and savor every morsel of it. And once it’s satisfied your deepest longings… Share it with others.

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