How Do I Become a Christian?


Surrender! You can only become a Christian when you raise the white flag and surrender to Christ. Jesus Christ is the God that all Christians worship. He is the one that came from heaven, lived a perfect life and died a gruesome death to pay the penalty for your sins. According to the Bible all people have sinned (Read in the Bible Romans 3:23) and the penalty for sin is death. (Read Romans 6:23) In other words you have blown it with God and your sentence is death. But Jesus Christ stepped in and took your place, dying on a cross, so that you can have your sins forgiven. Our God gave His life so that you would not have to suffer death.

But you can’t keep a good man down. Jesus stayed in the grave for only three days. On the third day He displayed His power when he rose back to life again. He walked on earth for weeks after his death and hundreds of people saw the dead man alive again. After that, He returned back to his home in heaven where he is waiting for you.

You become a Christian when God opens your heart and shows you that you desperately need a change. When you finally reach the end of your rope and say, “Okay, God. You win. I have made of mess of my life and now I am ready to turn it over to you.”

When that happens a transaction in heaven takes place: when you surrender to Christ God takes every mistake and failure that you have ever committed and casts them away. He completely forgives them. At the same time God gives you credit for the perfect life that Jesus lived. Therefore, when the Christian stands before God in heaven they stand not condemned for their sins and also credited with the perfect sinless life that Christ lived.

Christianity is a journey down the greatest path life can ever take you. It is an epic struggle between good and evil. And God only chooses men and women who can rise up to the challenge and who will be victorious in the greatest battle you will ever enter� the battle for your soul!

If you have never started the journey of life with God then He is calling you to make that commitment right now. God is asking you to bow before Him and declare your unconditional surrender.

You can surrender to Him in the form of this simple prayer.

God, I know that I have blown it with you. I have sinned and I believe that I deserve your punishment for my sin. Jesus, I believe that you stepped down from heaven and took my punishment on your back and shoulders when you were whipped, beaten and killed in my place. God today, I surrender to you. Today I commit my life to you. I will go anywhere you want me to go and do anything you want me to do. Today I declare that you are the Lord of my life. Please change my heart. Please give me the promise of living with you in heaven. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

If you can say that prayer with a sincere heart and you really mean what those words say then God is at work in your life. He stands ready to change you from the person that you were into the person that he wants you to become.

If you made that sincere commitment then there are a couple of things that you need to do. The first and most important is to find a good church that believes the Bible and get involved! Tell them about this decision.

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