Here or Heaven!?!?

If someone were to put a gun to your head right now and ask you, “Do you believe in Jesus” would you say yes? Would you still say that if, you knew that it would cost your life?

I’m impressed and inspired by my brothers and sisters in Kenya this week- with the attack in Garissa. I can’t wait to get to Heaven and meet the heroes that traded their life for their faith. I can’t wait to meet the men and women who love Jesus more than they loved life.


Here or Heaven

What about you? How ready are you to die? How sure are you that Heaven exists? How certain are you that you’re on your way to Heaven? If you are certain, are you ready to go RIGHT NOW?

I think most of us don’t have a good understanding of Heaven. I think we don’t have a good grasp of what’s waiting for us in the future. Unfortunately, I think we’re clinging to here rather than holding on to Heaven.

Letting go

Part of living for Heaven requires that we should let go up here. I think there are several ways to do that. Here are a couple of those ways:
1. Live Dangerously Compassionate– pour your heart out and open up to people, love them, and serve them.
2. Live Recklessly Missional– let the mission of God become the driving force of your life. Be willing to sell all you own to follow him, if that’s what he calls you to do.
3. Live Courageously Generous– give your stuff away, even when it doesn’t make sense. Remember, that your real treasure is waiting for you in Heaven not here.
4. Live Selflessly Serving– serve other people even when they can’t repay you. Give to others that can’t give you anything in return.
5. Live Intensely Relational– let nothing be more important than relationships. One day, everything on earth will pass away, but your relationships will last for eternity.

Maybe this is what the brothers and sisters in Garissa, Kenya had in mind when Al-Shabab put a gun to their head.

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