“Distraction Destroys Destiny”

Last week, I participated in a leadership discussion with more than 1,000 emerging leaders across America.  The thoughtful questions from these leaders inspired me. One of the first questions during this session asked how to focus on their future amid an ocean of distractions in front of all great leaders.  

It was a brilliant question, but the answer I heard was even more genius!  

My friend, Brent Crowe, reminded this talented room that “Distraction destroys destiny.” (I just found another great quote to add to my list of guiding principles.)

Brent caught me off guard. It took me a minute to process how brilliant these three words are, especially at a time when the developed world is oversaturated with information, opportunities, and entertainment. 

We live in an age with entertainment options like nothing the world has ever seen. Many people today are “entertaining themselves to death.”  These entertainment options often scream for your attention while distracting you from a life of purpose and passion.

After reflecting on Brent’s answer, I wrote this article to help you live a life of destiny while others are entertaining themselves to death.

Be great at one thing and ignore everything else

Maintaining focus is crucial for living your destiny. Losing focus will distract you and cause you to forget what matters most. However, you can move forward with laser-like focus when others are scrolling social media and binge-watching Netflix.

Focus requires self-control and discipline.  

A lack of discipline is why many people allow entertainment to distract them from their destiny. But with diligent practice and concerted effort, you can hone your focus to accomplish your goals.

It’s a big thing to do the small things well consistently

Focusing on what’s most important is a skill that can develop over time. Working hard isn’t enough alone – we also need to focus on the right things. Set a goal for yourself, develop a plan, and then ruthlessly eliminate distractions if you want to accomplish something great with your life.

Mastering the small things is essential to living a life of destiny. This consistent attention to detail allows you to spot errors and improve on the way to your biggest goals in life. Mastering the small stuff is essential in moving forward. 

Jump any obstacle that gets in the way of this one thing 

Obstacles will distract you… if you let them. Keep two things in mind when you run into roadblocks: First, focusing on your ultimate destiny helps you overcome current difficulties. 

Second, break down your big obstacle into smaller, more manageable tasks. This step-by-step method helps keep your sights on your destiny despite formidable obstacles.

“Good enough” is the opposite of great 

It’s essential to aim high and always give your best effort. The greatest challenge most of us must overcome in life is ourselves.  We all get tired.  All of us are tempted to cut corners occasionally.  However, pursuing your destiny demands giving your best, even when you don’t feel like it.  If your goal isn’t worthy of your best, then it’s not your destiny. 

Giving less than your best will eventually lead to regret and dissatisfaction.  This dissatisfaction comes from realizing you never reached your true potential in life. Striving for your destiny will always demand your best.

If it’s not worth devoting the rest of your life to it… why do it?

Having clear and worthy life goals is crucial to reaching your destiny. They provide a sense of direction and purpose, which can help you stay focused and motivated.

Make sure your goals are pointing you toward your destiny. People who pursue their passion tend to put in more effort and remain persistent despite challenges.

While working hard toward our goals is important, taking breaks and enjoying the journey is equally essential. Celebrating small wins will motivate you to progress toward your ultimate objective. No matter how difficult the journey, a life of destiny is always more fulfilling and enjoyable than entertaining yourself to death.

Listen to the whole Q&A session with Brent HERE.

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