Dark Skies Make All the Stars Shine Brighter

Have you ever heard the phrase, “What goes around, comes around?” This is more accurate in the entertainment industry than in any other environment. Many people believe that to succeed in life, they must put themself first and focus solely on their own goals. However, when working with some of the world’s biggest musicians and most well-known companies, Cassie Petrey learned that the opposite is true.

Most of us have a competitive nature. Something deep inside makes us want to be as successful as the other person. That competitive nature can be all-consuming in the entertainment industry. However, Cassie learned how to use this competitive nature as a powerful force for good for the companies and artists she represents.

I think there are some powerful lessons we can all learn from Cassie’s decision to put others first.  If you are willing to build a career by making a huge name for other people, here are three conscious choices you will have to make along the way.

Getting comfortable with being backstage

Becoming comfortable being backstage requires hard work… or maybe I should call it “heart work.”  We all have a voice inside us screaming to have the center stage spotlight shining on us. 

Learning to help others succeed requires a heart change.

Cassie found a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose when she focused her attention on helping others succeed.  When you see someone you’ve helped achieve their goals, it can be incredibly rewarding. The great sense of fulfillment from backstage rather than center stage can motivate you to continue helping others and striving toward your goals.

Start making others shine brighter

When you help others succeed, you create a network of successful people around you. These individuals are more likely to support your endeavors and help you achieve your goals.

By building strong relationships with successful individuals, you are creating a community that can provide you with valuable knowledge, resources, and connections.

Trust is the basic building block for the entertainment industry. The trust that Cassie developed through her company’s consistent hard work eventually opened the doors for Cassie to speak at some of the biggest entertainment conferences in the world.  Her company was singled out by the magazines and committees that recognize and reward excellence. 

When being backstage became center stage

Eventually, people notice you’re not using them to advance your career.  Cassie started making a big name for herself by helping others make a name for themselves! Soon, the biggest names in music started to trust her with their public image.  Eventually, the biggest corporations in the world noticed something different about Cassie’s company.  This led to opportunities to be in the room with some of the most influential leaders in the world. 

Ironically, these powerful voices started speaking out about what makes Cassie’s company special.  Eventually, she started getting invited on the center stage after many years of living in the background and helping other stars shine brighter!

Cassie is a great example that helping others succeed can be just as beneficial for you as it is for them. By creating a network of successful individuals, developing your own leadership skills, and finding fulfillment in helping others, you are setting yourself up for success. So, don’t be anxious about working in the background the next time you can help someone else achieve their goals.  Even the night sky makes the stars shine brighter. Like Cassie, you can also make the world brighter through hard work backstage.

Listen to my recent interview with Cassie about her incredible career with the biggest names in entertainment

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