Choose your next words carefully- or else!

Lindy Boone is a Wordlayer. That’s the title of her recent song, but it also describes the daughter of world-famous singer and songwriter Pat Boone.  She has spent her life carefully choosing her words.  -Not just the words she writes in her songs, but also the words she speaks. 

Lindy learned the power of words to shape your life and your future.

Words have tremendous power in our lives—power for good… or power to harm.  We have all been in arguments and said a word that we wish we could get back.  Unfortunately, once that word leaves your mouth, there is no way to get it back.  Lindy is in a profession that requires her to scrutinize every word, and she has learned something about the power of words that we can all work on.

Words that hurt

The tongue has been referred to as the most powerful, destructive muscle in the human body.  It’s not the amount of weight the tongue can lift or the work it can do.  Instead, the enormous hurt our words can create makes the tongue so powerful. 

Take a lesson from Lindy: Carefully examine every word that comes out of your mouth, especially after you’ve just been hurt.  Often, our pain can cause us to cast off restraint and hurt someone with our words.

Have you ever been around somebody who lashes out every time they’ve been offended?  This kind of unrestrained anger can do immense damage to a relationship.  Chances are, you’ve been around somebody who tries to overcome their biting words by saying, “I was just kidding” or “I didn’t mean it.” That flimsy excuse doesn’t fool us because, deep in our hearts, we know they actually meant those biting words. 

Words that heal

If words have tremendous power to hurt, then the opposite must also be true- our words can bring healing when someone hurts.  I’ll prove it to you.  Have you heard a song with the perfect words to bring healing in the middle of a difficult situation?  If impersonal song lyrics can bring healing to a hurting heart, how much more help can words bring to your close friends going through great difficulty?

Growing up in a family of songwriters, Lindy understands the power of words to help people work through great challenges or get beyond great hurt in life.  When someone we love is hurting, we instinctively want to say something to them to help take away some of the pain. 

We know our words can’t bring back a loss or make an abuse disappear, but our words can show others our heart’s desire for their good.  Sometimes, we even say things in hopes that it will bring a little relief, like the senseless words that are often said to friends after the death of a loved one.

Words that bring hope

Most children learn the power of words to hurt or heal someone at a young age.  However, did you know that Lindy believes your words even have the power to shape your future?  In my recent Unbeatable interview, Lindy described how we “lay our future with words.” She explained that the words we speak today will tremendously affect the direction tomorrow takes.  The power of words to shape your future is the basis for her latest single, Wordlayer.

Wordlayer was Lindy’s social media username for many years before she wrote the song.  This title comes from a tragedy that she suffered in 2001 when her son Ryan was seriously and permanently injured in an accident.  Lindy had to find the strength to face this radical change in her family.  She chose words of hope and resiliency that helped her on the drive to the hospital to see Ryan, and every day after the accident.

Choose your words carefully in every situation.  Be extra careful about the words you use to respond when you’ve been hurt or the words you use to comfort someone else after they’ve been hurt by life.  However, I’m convinced Lindy is correct.  Maybe you need to be the most careful about the words that you say to yourself when no one else is listening because those words have the power to shape your outlook and even your future.

Listen to my recent interview with Lindy Boone where she tells her story of tragedy and hope.

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