Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Can’t get no satisfaction? That’s because you’re trying pleasure to bring deep, meaningful satisfaction. The problem with pleasure is that it feels good and instantly satisfies the senses but only leaves you wanting something more deep inside.

If you think about it, just about every thing in our society points towards pleasure. We live in a pleasure-obsessed country. Pleasure is the stuff that entertains your senses. It’s fine perfume, expensive champagne, blockbuster movies, music and sports games that entertain us to death. All of these things ultimately let us down.

You see, we typically turn to pleasure to entertain us, or to mask the difficulties that we’re going through, or to find satisfaction in our soul. It makes no sense but we still try to fill up our soul with stuff that only satisfies the senses.

Ultimately all pleasure disappoints because it doesn’t last, it distracts from the eternal, and it doesn’t satisfy you at the soul level. So why do we keep running to pleasure? Why do we keep spending billions of dollars to entertain ourselves… because we all have an itch deep inside of us that we’re trying to scratch? We turn to the simple pleasures of life to try to scratch that itch with pleasure. The more we scratch, the more we become aware of the itch, and the less pleasure satisfies that itch!

 Pursuing your greatest good will always lead to your greatest happiness!

Jesus brings pleasure unlike anything this world offers. He alone satisfies our greatest delights. He alone scratches the itch at the deepest levels of our being. He alone is our greatest good. Therefore, he alone always leads to our greatest happiness.

The guys that you know that think buying a new pickup truck will make them happy are mistaken. Men who think replacing the old wife with a new one will make them happy deep down inside are barking up the wrong tree.   Those men that are chasing after a promotion at work will quickly realize that it doesn’t satisfy them at the core of their being.   Chasing after pleasure is like chasing after the wind. You can’t keep it even if you could catch it.

So what about you? What are you looking for? What brings you the most pleasure? What satisfies you at your deepest levels? Is that Jesus… or are you still trying to scratch the itch deep inside of you, something that can’t bring no satisfaction?

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