Calvary Wants to “Heal the World”

We’re partnering with a new ministry in town to help make disciples of Jesus around the world.  Heal the World Ministry (HTW) is a new Christian ministry in Columbus. They accept tax-deductible donations in the form of new and gently used clothing, housewares, furniture, electronics, and outdoor merchandise, and sell those products at thrift store prices to the local community. It was started recently by Alain Bulambo, a passionate follower of King Jesus.  He comes from Africa, and has a heart to see the world come to know Jesus!

One of the reasons we’re partnering with Heal the World Ministry is their view of discipleship.  This ministry is about more than just getting the good news that Jesus saves sinners to people located in remote parts of the world.   Alain’s heart is to make disciples who are trained to make others into disciples of Jesus.   This is the Heartbeat of Calvary Baptist Church.  In fact, this was the topic of our Heartbeat sermon series for almost 6 weeks.  Go back and listen to those sermons here:

HTW Ministry is located in the old Vapor Store on Veterans Parkway.  They ask for you to drop off your donations of shoes and clothing in the bin on our campus.  If you have large items, call them and they will come to your house and pick them up.

If you’re in the military or own a business and you’re getting ready to move, I’m sure you’re going to have boxes of stuff that you don’t want any more or can’t fit on the moving truck.  Rather than having a garage sale, why don’t you consider donating all your extra stuff to HTW?

Thanks for partnering together to Heal The World.

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